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From a breezy marine penthouse to a sophisticated Manhattan townhouse, a Savannah plantation, an understated Australian house and a 1900s colonial-style interior; Ben’s unique décor is modelled after a dream-like home right here in Malaysia. As a home-grown restaurant with its signature style, emphasis is placed on the familial quality that Ben’s has adopted, hence the value of building relationships through food in a cosy and welcoming environment.

Taking on a modern interpretation of East-meets-West, there are plenty of choices for everyone to enjoy. Whether for coffee, a big family get together or even a relaxed weekend brunch, Ben’s is perfect for any occasion and welcomes friends and families to enjoy themselves just as they would at home.

Ben’s New Menu

Our secret ingredient is… Love.

Love is the feeling that drives all of our passions, and why we do what we do. That’s why it is our secret ingredient.

We’ve always been about the people. Be it our conscious efforts to keep conversations going through our talking cards, or our obsession with building relationships through food.

We’ve read your letters, we’ve heard your voices and we believe it’s about time to go back to our roots. Peppered with a perfect measure of risk, salted with our signature style. Our new selection personifies what we’re all about, comfort food emphasising on familial qualities.

Introducing Ben’s new menu, made with love and other things. Come back home, to Ben’s.

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Ben’s Living Room, Publika

Venue may host up to 80 seated guests indoor & outdoor.
Smoking and non-smoking section available.
Event space suitable for both corporate and private events.

The Conservatory, Bangsar Shopping Centre

Venue may host up to 60 seated guests.
This is a non-smoking space.
Event space suitable for both corporate and private events.

The Glass House, Bangsar Shopping Centre

Venue may host up to 40 seated guests.
Smoking is permissible in this area.