“When life gives us lemons we make lemonade to ensure a brighter future for every child deserves the best start in life”.

In our plight to give back to society, the ‘Lemonaid’ project was established in aid of the children of Yayasan Chowkit, a non-profit organization that caters to the needs of children in and around Chow Kit.

Order a lemonaid and RM2 will be donated to Yayasan Chowkit.

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Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK)

Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK) is a non-profit organization that caters to the needs of children in and around Chow Kit. They run two drop-in centres in Chow Kit and one safe home for children who are in need of temporary guardianship. They operate in partnership with Kementerian Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat, and a group of strategic partner comprises of Foundations, corporate companies as well as NGOs. YCK developed out of Nur Salam and was incorporated on 19 January 2011.

YCK aims to provide a safe space and expose the children to as many positive opportunities to allow each child to reach their full potential. The children’s center ‘Pusat Aktiviti Kanak-Kanak’ caters to children from the age of 7-12 and their teenage center known as ‘KL Krash Pad’ welcomes youths from the ages of 13 to 21. All the centres provide food, age-appropriate facilities, and set of programmes designed based on 5 Pillars of the followings: Education, Psycho-Social, Sports & Health, Spirituality, and Recreational. They have an array of activities offered such as games, art classes, psychosocial activities, recreational activities, motivational talks, sports activities and educational programs. YCK team ( fondly known as YCK Family ) aspires to tackle issues affecting the local community such as education, foster care, documentation, skill building, adoption, homelessness, abuse and many more.

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